We talk Deadpool 2 (no spoilers), the Royal Wedding (Kind of), interbreeding in Star Wars, and then a bunch of TV shows (Westworld, The Last O.G., and more) and Cartoons (Thundercats Roar, Rise of TMNT, Transformers, and more).

Direct download: JATHE-18-05-20.mp3
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We discuss the perils of DM'ing, cover some recent entertainment news for movies and television, play an exciting round of Undebeatable, and determine whether fictional movie Mothers are good or terrible at being Mothers (Happy Mother's Day).

Direct download: JATHE-18-05-13.mp3
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We talk about TV shows for a while, follow up on our Infinity War discussion(spoilers), play a very brief round of Undebeatable, and then play a great game that was inspired by ridiculous movie promotional items.

To view a gallery of the promotional items that we talk about, click here.

Direct download: JATHE-18-05-06.mp3
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Tommy and Skippy discuss Avengers: Infinity War in depth (and with spoilers).

Direct download: JATHE-18-04-29.mp3
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This episode has everything: Cults, Cannibals, Andrei Tarkovsky, Birdhouses, Avatars, Wonder Women, and The Rock. Other contenders for the title of this episode were "Count Von Munchindong" and "There Just Wasn't a Place For Me There." Enjoy.

Direct download: JATHE-18-04-22.mp3
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We talk Billy Mitchell, Sex Criminals, and AI generated content. We then play a game inspired by the absurd Darths of the old Star Wars EU, and end with 2 solid rounds of Undebeatable.

tags: sex criminals star wars rebels legends EU darths truth or dare gerald's game stephen king splatoon

Direct download: JATHE-18-04-15.mp3
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Tommy and Skippy review 'A Quiet Place' (with spoilers) and also discuss Lord of the Rings, The Ritual, Truth or Dare, and Black Panther. We then talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe in general and share our speculations on Avengers Infinity War.

Direct download: JATHE-18-04-08.mp3
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Tommy, Skippy and Josh talk about crazy people, cults, sci-fi speed dating, Airwolf, and the weird tribalism of modern nerd culture.

Direct download: JATHE-18-04-01.mp3
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We talk about Pacific Rim: Uprising, Jessica Jones, the bizarre fandom of modern Sonic games, and more. We play 2 games (one inspired by the previously mentioned Sonic fandom, and the other inspired by the last lines of movie characters), and play the final round (of the first 16 rounds) of Undebeatable.

Direct download: JATHE-18-03-25.mp3
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We ramble through a bizarre grouping of topics including Stephen Hawking, Mick Foley, Terry Gilliam, Gross People, Stardew Valley, the Legend of Korra, Death Wish, Walker Texas Ranger, Sonic Mania, Monster Hunter, and some other stuff. We also play a trivia game based on movie posters.

Direct download: JATHE-18-03-18.mp3
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