We ramble through a bizarre grouping of topics including Stephen Hawking, Mick Foley, Terry Gilliam, Gross People, Stardew Valley, the Legend of Korra, Death Wish, Walker Texas Ranger, Sonic Mania, Monster Hunter, and some other stuff. We also play a trivia game based on movie posters.

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We talk random movies (A wrinkle in Time, Christopher Robin, The Guyver), random cartoons (Star Wars Rebels, Voltron, Freakazoid), random TV shows (Jessica Jones, Deadwood), collecting old video games, Rom Hacks, play two rounds of undebeatable, and then play the Rotten Tomatoes game.

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We (vaguely) talk Star Wars Rebels, play two different trivia games (one about early D&D items, and the other about the history of video games consoles), and play a weird round of Undebeatable (featuring a Marvel second stringer who is possessed by the spirit of Vengeance and a galactic hero who is from a distant past as well as a distant galaxy.)

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This episode is a special clip show collecting the first 8 rounds of our fictional fighting tournament called UNDEBEATABLE, where we childishly discuss who would win in a fight between two randomly drawn fictional characters (from movies/comics/video games/television/and more). It's as dumb as it is fun.

The fights include:
Ceasar the Ape Vs. 90's era Lobo
Ash Williams Vs. Shredder
Django Vs. 70's TV Version of Captain America
The T-Rex from Jurassic Park Vs. Furiosa
John Constantine Vs. Frankenstein's Monster From Hell
Venom Vs. Thunderlips the Ultimate Male
Sinestro Vs.  The Predator
Swamp Thing Vs. King Leonidas


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We talk Gotham (as in By Gaslight / the show Gotham / and a themed Masquerade ball), Star Wars Rebels, Black Panther (no spoilers), conspiracy theorists, and some other stuff. We play TWO rounds of Undebeatable (the first featuring two "Real Americans" [albeit one's from space], and the second pitting an Amazonian princess against a really lucky architect) and then play a game that involves the Incredible Hulk Television show from 1978.

Direct download: JATHE-18-02-18.mp3
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We talk Injustice 2, DC comics, movies (The Cloverfield Paradox / A Stupid and Futile Gesture, Voyeur), TV Shows, and Silver RavenWolf. Then we play a round of Undebeatable (featuring two very different intergalactic murder machines) followed by a game based around upcoming remakes and sequels.

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We read a weird old DC comic, play a round of Undebeatable (Featuring a sentient plant monster and an ancient Warrior King), and then play a game based on Rotten Tomatoes reviews.

Direct download: JATHE-18-02-04.mp3
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Some people talk about Hellboy, some people talk about gun control, and then they all talk about Sinestro for a while. I don't know what else to write here.

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We talk about TV shows including Star Wars Rebels, The Keepers, Making a Murderer, Black Lightning, Punisher, Iron Fist, Walkind Dead, The Toys That Made Us, and even more. We also touch on The Post, the Venom movie, and both Marvel and DC comics including Wolverine, The Atomic Knights, and the War That Time Forgot.

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A year in preview for the movies of 2018. We discuss what's coming out and make predictions. Before that we play a round of Undebeatable and also talk weird dreams, Mary Roach, Lego, Star Wars comics, trades vs. Omnibus, and a lot more.

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