In this episode: we revisit our predictions from episode 175 and talk about the year 2016.

Note 1: At the time of recording this I (Tommy) hadn't seen La La Land, so let me take this moment to say it is probably my favorite movie of 2016. I love it. I saw it twice. I bought the soundtrack. I also hadn't seen 31 at the time, which I can say is probably the worst movie of 2016.

Note 2: We are taking a hiatus for a while to sort personal stuff and reboot the show to make it better. This is NOT the final episode of JATHE, but it sort of is the end of an era of our dumb little show. Goodbye for now, please don't forget us, take care of youselves. We'll try to do a couple things in the interim but for the most part it's going to be quiet for a while. If you don't come back, thanks anyway.

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In this episode: It's a Christmastime marathon of Rankin/Bass specials. Every year we devote a handful of episodes to Christmas movies/specials. This year we only had time to record 1, so we made it count. This is a massive 3 hour episode wherein we discuss 6 specials from top to bottom. The specials inculded are Leprechaun's Christmas Gold, Nestor the Long Eared Christmas Donkey, The First Christmas: The Story of the First Chrismast Snow, The Little Drummer Boy (1 & 2), and Pinochio's Christmas. If some of those things sound bizarre to you, it's only because they are. I hope you and enjoy this episode and have a great Christmas. Also: we say Dynamation several times when we meant to say Animagic. That is a thing that no one but us would notice or care about anyway, but there it is.

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In this episode: We celebrate Halloween 2016 by discussing modern horror movies including remakes, oddities, foreign films, and recent releases like Light's Out and Don't Breathe.

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In this episode: the passing of Gene Wilder, Black Sabbath still being alive, a Flugtag, Shatner spottings, and then Josh and Greg read Skippy's notes about Salo (120 Days of Sodom).

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In this episode: No Man's Sky, Stranger Things, Batman: The Killing Joke, DC's Kingdom Come, and some other bullshit.

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I apologize about the length of time between episodes. Things are kind of tough right now and I have very little free time. This episode was recorded a month ago, and another has been recorded since. I'll try my best to get that one up too, but it will still probably be a few days (at least). I still have plans for making the show (and the web site) great again, but that's going to take time. Sorry.

In this episode: horror movies, superheroes, ranking Stephen King movies, speculating an end for The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones spin-off ideas, and some other shit.

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In this episode: Penny Dreadful, Universal's horror reboot, Stranger Things, Wyrmwood, Nintendo's weird decision making, Star Wars Rebels, the L.A. Times ranking of Spielberg's filmography, and a bunch of other stuff.

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In this episode: we remember that this show exists! Also: Voltron, Legend of Tarzan, The Shadow, a bunch of Star Wars stuff, fictional characters that ran for president, and uh...just...a bunch of stuff.

tags: podcast voltron attack on titans legend of tarzan the shadow roadside picnic stalker star wars rebels expanded universe mace windu fury road mad max lost in space lone wolf and cub ghost in the shell donald trump spider-gwen modaak house of reanimator fictional characters that ran for president game of thrones Highlander the series one punch man

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In this episode: Tommy, Josh, and Greg discuss episodes 8-10 of Game of Thrones Season 6. (This is a supercut of the GOT recent Minisodes)


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In this episode: Tommy, Josh, and Greg discuss episodes 5-7 of Game of Thrones Season 6. (This is a supercut of the GOT recent Minisodes)

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